Safety-Care® Poster Set

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Safety-Care® posters get the message out to your staff, so they remain aware and ready to implement evidence-based prevention practices before challenging behaviors begin.

These full-color posters focus on the following five proactive strategies:

  • De-Escalation Strategies
  • Staff Behavior
  • Safety Habits
  • After an Incident

Includes (4) full-color posters that measure 18" x 24". 

De-Escalation Strategies

 An effective set of reminders for Safety-Care de-escalation strategies.  This visual representation of de-escalation helps to quickly guide methods to observe and reinforce behaviors incompatible with anger, aggression, and crisis

Staff Behavior

 Staff interactions with persons served are crucial to incident prevention. This poster reminds staff how to communicate respect, promote dignity, and avoid power struggles. Covers respectful language, facial expression, posture, distance, and movement.

Safety Habits

 A comprehensive set of reminders focusing on everyday safety when working around individuals who might exhibit unpredictable aggression. Covers awareness, positioning (in general, standing, sitting, kneeling), and safe dress.

After an Incident

 Covers recovery after an incident, as well as objective documentation, nonjudgmental debriefing with the individual, and how to do a post-incident debrief among staff.